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jueves, enero 10, 2008

Simbelmyne (2007 – 2008)

01 - Parallax Paradox
02 - Blood Root
03 - Winter's Sucesión
04 – Sojourn
05 - Anthocyanins and Abscission
06 - Prelude to Eternity
07 - 1st Movement
07 - 1st Movement (v2)
08 - 2nd movement
09 - 3rd movement
09 - 3rd movement (v2)
10 – Interlude


Simbelmyne: myspace
Serge Farinas- all composition, guitars, and programming
Gavin Morris- bass composition and performance on "Sojourn" and "Anthocyanins and Abcission"

Serge Farinas :
Music is the vehicle for the exploration of myself and the universe. There is no seperation between it and myself.
Listed on this page is most of the works I have been involved in through various projects, expired and current. Open your heart and mind to my music and simply listen.

Influencias: Agalloch, Amorphis, Behold...the Arktopus!, Borknagar, Canvas Solaris, Gordian Knot, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Opeth, folk music, medieval and renaissance music, J.S. Bach, Nicolo Paganini, Beethoven, Andres Segovia, and many many more.

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