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lunes, abril 23, 2007

PERFUME The Story Of A Murderer

PERFUME The Story Of A Murderer-Soundtrack
Quality: (VBR), 44100Hz Joint Stereo

Release date September, 2006
Label EMI Classics
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Composer: Berliner Philharmoniker Sir Simon RATTLE
Composer(s): Reinhold HEIL Johnny KLIMEK Tom TYKWER

01. Prologue: The Highest Point
02. Streets of Paris
03. The Girl with the Plums
04. Grenouille's Childhood
05. Distilling Roses
06. The 13th essence
07. Lost Love
08. Morrish Scents
09. Meeting Laura
10. The method works
11. Richi's escape
12. Laura's murder
13. Awwaiting execution
14. Grasse in panic
15. The perfume
16. The crowd embrace
17. Perfume distilled
18. Epilogue: Leaving Grasse

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